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Metrology Salaries 03/11/2011

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One of the questions that has been raised as we reviewed the website and it”s update is that of salaries in the metrology community. The NCSLI Benchmarking Survey has historically tracked salary information and data comes from world-wide input. This is especially important for a couple of reasons:

1) the Bureau of Labor Statistics (yes, it”s US) doesn”t track metrology and calibration positions because these jobs are not yet recognized in the Standard Occupational Classification system (we”re working on it!);
2) students want to know “how much can I make in this field”?

Answers can be found on the website (Cool Careers tab, then What You”ll Earn) as well as in the new Metrology Human Resources Handbook.

The HR Handbook was mailed to NCSLI members with the recent Metrologist magazine and additional copies are available from the NCSLI Store – contact the Business Office (at 303-440-3339) for multiple copies if you want to help pass them along. The HR Handbook is a useful resource for Career Counselors as well.